What is Adobe Stock? Details about the Stock Site

Although it’s been only a little over a year ago when the stock site was introduced, Adobe Stock already shows one of the widest varieties of images available in the stock media market. After its acquisition of Fotolia which they kept as a separate stock agency, Adobe introduced Adobe Stock which is integrated with its existing software subscriptions. The new stock site has over 40 million files from Fotolia contributors and a more attractive website built into Creative Cloud.

What are the content offered in Adobe Stock?

  • Photos. Currently, the stock site has millions of high quality images waiting to be discovered. It also features a premium collection of photos from selected contributors. These include images from featured contributors, images that tell a story, and those chosen by editors. If you are looking for the perfect photos to create your next creative project, you can find it here.
  • Videos. Adobe Stock started with images only, but later on it added videos in its offering – which is a logical step. Individuals and corporations make use of both images and videos to enhance the quality of their products and websites now. Adding videos to their library widens their client base.

Finding the perfect images and videos at Adobe Stock is not a problem. The stock site has a well-organized and highly functional library. You can sort images by popularity, relevance, most recently added, and the new “undiscovered” option, which displays images that have not been used before.

Although Adobe Stock is a new member of the stock media industry, you can read a good review here, it does not disappoint the creative community. It has one of the largest stock libraries and the most innovative tools today. Plus, its integration with Creative Cloud software is a unique feature that helps save time and money. Many individuals and businesses would surely want an opportunity to work with watermarked images and present their design for client’s approval before they make a purchase.

Optimize Your Images with This WordPress Image Plugin

Images are an important part of getting your audience’s attention, breaking up long pieces of content, and getting your article to social media outlets. However, they also increase the size of your pages and may slow down loading time of your website. This can frustrate visitors, therefor hurting your search engine rankings. In this article, we’ll teach you how to optimize your images for your wordpress website. Click this link.

  • The most commonly used file formats online are JPEG and The former uses compression to reduce the size of the images, while the latter are most suited for icons and buttons. Another common format is the GIF, which is better suited for low quality images.
  • Optimize your images before uploading by adjusting the thumbnail sizes as you see fit. You can also display the large image and link to its full size in your website. Many bloggers do this as an optimal way to handle their images.
  • You can also optimize after uploading to your website, but we recommend you do otherwise. Uploading after, however, can save time. You can reduce the file size of all your uploaded images to fit your theme and style.

The importance of optimizing images should not be underestimated. Optimized images can reduce your website’s loading time, decrease bandwidth, and improve the browsing experience of your target audience. Your search engine ranking can also be greatly improved as your pages load more quickly. Compressing images can significantly reduce file size, but it can also reduce quality.

What you need is a wordpress image plugin that offers optimized images. PixelRockstar is the plugin you need! It has over 4 million high quality stock photos, which are optimized with SEO-friendly captions. All you have to do is search and photos you choose will be automatically inserted to your posts. Isn’t it neat? You can save loads of time to do other things you love.

PixelRockstar: The WordPress Image Plugin of Modern Blogging

Images are an important tool to make your website interesting and attractive. They also play a valuable role in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The image you choose and the content you want to share is just as important as the words you use. Make your images part of your SEO strategy with PixelRockstar – the wordpress image plugin for modern bloggers.

What does PixelRockstar have to offer?

  • Optimized Images and High Quality
    Uploading large images to your website can slow it down. Make sure your website looks quickly by optimizing images. With PixelRockstar, you don’t have to worry about that. This plugin offers optimized images, with SEO-friendly captions. Your images are automatically inserted to your posts, saving you a lot of time.
  • Digital License
    All images in the wordpress image plugin comes with a Digital License, which is specifically designed for digital use. Traditional image sources scare many online publishers away with many limitations. PixelRockstar removes these common limitations, giving you a lot of things to do with the images.
  • Great User Interface
    PixelRockstar boasts a great user interface. You can easily and quickly search and add images to your website and social media. That’s right! In just a few clicks, your website will have high quality and legally safe images. Plus, the images are yours to use forever – an added bonus!
  • Super Affordable
    There are other wordpress image plugin in the market, but only PixelRockstar offers the best prices. Starting at $0.57 per download, you can have the perfect image for your posts. The plugin offers three types of packages. You can choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget.

While there are hundreds of wordpress image plugin to choose from, PixelRockstar is the one for modern blogging. Its user interface and prices make it perfect for both novice and expert bloggers. Not to mention the type of license you get, the quality of the images already speaks volume of the plugin’s potential.   

Adobe Stock Images for your Creative Needs

Are you looking for high quality stock images for your creative projects? There is a new player in town. Adobe Stock has been in the industry for a little over a year only, but it has shown great potential. It started with over 40 million images from Fotolia and the Dollar Photo Club, and started accepting contributions from global photographers.

The stock site is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, making it a great choice for Creative Cloud users. You can buy a single image at less than $10 or subscribe to a plan with 10 images per month. You can also opt for larger subscriptions to meet your larger creative needs. Adobe Stock offers 350 and 750 images per month, with additional Adobe Stock images at $0.99 each.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Adobe Stock images:

  • Adobe Stock has one of the largest libraries in the market. You will have more choices available to jumpstart or complete your creative projects.
  • The website is accessible. Wherever part of the world you may be, you can access the stock site. It is available in most countries at 20 languages.
  • The stock site offers simple pricing. You can purchase Adobe Stock images a la carte at $9.99 each, or subscribe to a plan that meets your creative needs starting at $29.99 per month.
  • It is integrated with Creative Cloud desktop applications. You can design comp images and submit them for client approval before actually purchasing them, saving you more time and money from reworks.
  • Adobe Stock is a standalone website. Are you using a different editing software? No problem. You can still download images from the stock site. Instead of searching inside the Adobe software, you just have to find the images in the standalone website.

Premium Adobe Stock images are also now available at the website. You can choose images from Editor’s Choice, Concept Collection, Featured Contributors and other select inspiring artists. Whatever you need, you will surely find it at the stock site’s vast library.

What are Rights Managed Images and Where Can You Buy Them?


Rights managed images are one of the most common images in the stock photo industry, right along with royalty-free, microstock and subscription. Also known as RM, they are purchased with a copyright license that allows you to use them one-time as specified by the license. If you want to use the images for other purposes, you can always get an additional license for an extra cost. You can also get exclusive and non-exclusive rights, whichever you need most.

Most stock photo agencies usually work with royalty-free images, but many have also broken through the rights managed photos. These include:

  • Shutterstock. Shutterstock has one of the largest stock photo collections in the market. It has also one of the most multi-dimensional search engines. Currently, it has over 14.3 million rights-managed images from over 280,000 photographers around the world. Many businesses and creative professionals rely on the stock photo site to meet their photography needs. There is a high chance that you’ll find what you need, too.
  • Getty Images. Getty Images is a great choice to purchase rights managed images. It is one of the most popular options for buyers, too. Leading the stock photo industry for rover 20 years, it has a huge selection of high quality images that cover all styles and topics imaginable. It has millions of creative images for commercial and editorial images, so you will likely find what you are looking for. Plus, many images are exclusive to the stock site. You do not have to worry about finding them at your competitor’s website.
  • Dreamstime. Dreamstime is one of the most searched stock photo sites in the market. It has over 46 million images in its collection. As a member of the Picture Archive Council of America and Centre of the Picture Industry, the stock photo agency is extremely selective when it comes to the images it chooses. It even has a mobile application that allows you to browse and download the images anytime and anywhere.

You might find yourself scratching you head sometimes, wondering where to get rights managed images and what their difference is from royalty-free. Royalty-free images can be used in any creative project for as long as you like. That is the biggest difference between RF and RM images. Plus, you do not have exclusive rights to the images. On the other hand, rights-managed is licensed based on usage. You can also choose to pay for exclusive rights or effective ways of finding photos.

Are you looking for rights-managed images? The above stock photo agencies are the best sites to purchase them from. Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Getty Images have the depth and variety that will help you find the images you need to complete your creative projects. Visit them now and check out which stock site suits your creative needs and budget.


Shutterstock Promotion: Steep Discount on Standard Licenses and Footage Videos

With the holidays already underway, it seems that everybody is running their own promotion. Shutterstock is in a unique position in that they can offer promotions to those who are running promotions. After all, even us marketers enjoy a good deal when it’s handed to us on a silver platter. Plus, we can spot a good deal when we see one.

Get Started with the New Year on the Right Foot

The New Year is just around the corner. Get started on the right foot by taking advantage of Shutterstock’s promotions now. Planning ahead has its perks. It keeps you from having to panic at the last minute. By taking advantage of these two amazing deals now, you won’t have to worry about shopping for stock media in the immediate future. It’ll be one more thing that you can check off your list.


Take Advantage of These Shutterstock Coupons

Right now, Shutterstock is offering two incredible coupon deals. These coupons give you discounted access to their entire library of both stock images and stock video footage.

18 Percent Discount on All Standard Licenses

Shutterstock offers royalty-free image licenses. Usually, individual licenses on photos are more expensive than subscriptions. If you were to take advantage of this 18 percent discount right now, you could get these images at a rate very similar to subscription rates – without the subscription.

15 Percent Discount on All Stock Footage Videos


The same principle applies to all stock footage videos. Stock video footage represents a significant saving over shooting your own reels. Shutterstock is offering a 15 percent discount on all stock videos. That translates to saving $15 for every $100 value on their entire library.

This Is a Limited-Time Offer

This offer will be down before you know it. The holidays are here and you’re busy. Don’t waste any more time. If you decide to delay, the offer will be gone – then you’ll be kicking yourself in the foot.

Let’s put it in a different perspective. Why do you offer discounts to your own customers? It’s a rhetorical question – the answer is obvious. The same principle applies to marketers. The discount offered by Shutterstock allows you to save money on a product that you and I both use in our jobs every day. In other words, we already have a budget

Explore Millions of Royalty Free Images with an iStock Promo Code

Are you looking for the perfect royalty-free stock images? You will surely find what you are looking for from iStock’s vast library of creative files. Offered at ridiculously low prices, you will certainly find a subscription plan that best suits your creative needs. In fact, the website also offers iStock promo codes that give as much as twenty percent savings on your purchases. All you have to do is register to the site to enjoy high quality images and further discounts.

What can you get from iStock? 

iStock offers numerous things – high quality images and active iStock coupon codes. If you are looking for incredible stock at flexible prices, you came to the right website. iStock has millions of hand-picked images, illustrations, and vectors crowdsourced from creative professionals all around the world. Powered by Getty Images, it has become one of the most successful and profitable content sites in the planet.

  • Signature Images. iStock features hand-picked photos from creatives around the world, making beautiful communications on a budget. Its signature images feature selfie photos of people all around the world. Moreover, these images have unparalleled quality that gives you creative projects the zing they require to attract readers.
  • Unbelievable Prices. The website also offers essential images for unbelievable prices. You can download these images and get further discounts as your purchase increases. Buy more and save more with iStock’s download credits. Don’t worry about extra credits because they do not expire for up to one year.
  • Browse through Categories. iStock gives you a user-friendly experience by allowing you to browse through categories. The stock photo site has over 20 categories, including nature, fashion illustrations, animals and background photos. Just click a specific category to get more refined results.
  • Signature Artist. Are you not sure which images to get? You can now explore images according to the artist of the month. iStock features one of its talented photographers and takes you to behind-the-scenes that inspire the artists’ work. Also, the website gives away one free image from the Signature Artists every month. You can download yours now and start creating your very own inspired project.
  • Free Stock Files. Yes, aside from the free images from the Signature Artists, iStock also offers free stock files every week to their members. You can enjoy one free photo, one free illustration, one free video clip, and one free audio clip every week. Join iStock now to avail of these wonderful freebies.


What else can you get from iStock? You can get discounts from an iStock photo promo code! With all these numerous offerings, you certainly have found one of the best image sources in the Internet. Sign up to the website now and explore millions of royalty-free images with your iStock promo code 2015 now!

Getting a Deal on Adobe Stock Photos

Adobe Stock is Adobe’s newest product offering. It is completely integrated into their 2015 Creative Cloud service. They offer over 40 million high-quality, curated images integrated directly into the digital media giant’s most respected programs such as Photoshop.

As a standalone service, Adobe’s stock images it offer exceptional value. Adobe has succeeded that where other stock photo imaging services have failed. While most other stock photo services cater to the marketer, Adobe has catered to the creative professional – with good reason. Most of Adobe’s customers are not marketers. They are graphic designers. They are movie editors. They are creative professionals. Adobe takes it one step further by offering a 40% discount on their Adobe Stock service for those who have signed up for their Creative Cloud service.

Creative Cloud is proving to be an excellent business move for Adobe. They’ve integrated their best applications, from Dreamweaver to Photoshop to AfterEffects and Muse, into their own cloud offering. They made more affordable as well. Photoshop is a program that has set people back over thousand dollars in the past. That’s not the case anymore. Now, if you want to use Photoshop, you can pay them much more affordable monthly fee – as low as $19.99 per month. That puts Photoshop in everyone’s reach.

Here’s the kicker. Previously, with Photoshop (or any other app, for that matter) you needed supply your own photos. Many people have relied on third-party stock photo imaging sites for high-quality photos. They don’t need to do that anymore. Adobe’s Creative Cloud customers are eligible for a huge discount – up to 40% – if they add Adobe Stock to their subscription. What costs others $49.99 per month for ten images (additional images $4.99) will cost Creative Cloud customers $29.99 per month with each additional image costing $2.99.


All you need to do to sign up is have an Adobe ID. They asked for your first name, your last name, your email address and a password. They also ask for your country of residence, so they know which of the Adobe sites (they are global company with several sites in different languages) you plan on subscribing to. Once you’ve logged in for the first time, you can create your subscription plan. Review your membership details and make sure you click on the little checkmark box to include Adobe Stock to take advantage of the discounted price. As you go along, you will include your payment information in your account will have been created. Carefully enter the correct email address, as it does not ask you to confirm it before asking you for your payment details. Once you’re done, you can enjoy everything Adobe has to offer!

Why You Are Still Using the Wrong Stock Photos

02I93721Let’s face it: there is a lot of bad stock photography out there.  Pick the wrong stock photo, and you’ll end up with cheesy overly staged shots, bad lighting, and silly expressions on the part of stock photo models, all of which have given the medium a bad name.  Some people would judge stock imagery overall based on these worst examples.  But if you look a little deeper, there are plenty of examples of stock photography that buck all of these stereotypes, and stand up as truly quality imagery.

For businesses and other stock photo users, it’s important to be able to spot good stock photos, but it’s even more important to know when the image you have your heart set on is the wrong stock photo to pick.  Today, we share some reasons why businesses can choose the wrong stock photos, what makes these photos wrong, and how you can find better alternatives.  Here are the top three reasons why you still use the wrong stock photos.

1) You think Smaller is Better

Where art is concerned, a lot of the time, small and independent artists are able to produce some of the best stuff out there.  Not so in the world of stock photography.  Remember, each stock photo is a piece of art, captured by an artist.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that small, boutique photo agencies offer the best stock photos out there.  In fact, if you pick from the inventory of a small photo site, you’re probably picking the wrong stock photo.

Take a look at www.bokelberg.com.  Curated by a long time photographer, catchy motto.  Everything looks fine on first glance, and this small photography vendor might trick you into thinking that small=quality.  But look closer, and you’ll find corny, badly lit pictures.  The facts are, bigger stock photo sites usually can pay artists more, and attract the best photographers.  Unless you want to pick the wrong stock photo, don’t fall for the “smaller is better” trick.

2) You Don’t Take the Time To Pick The Right Photos

If rush and pick the first stock photo you can find for a search term, you often will end up picking the wrong stock photos.  Plain and simple.  Most good stock photo libraries are big and getting bigger, and there are of course some duds in even the best collections.  If you don’t dig through search results a bit, and take the time to pick the perfect visuals, you might end up using the wrong stock photos for your business.

Go check www.istockphoto.com, one of the oldest and most respected stock photo vendors in the game.  Type the phrase “dog playing catch” into the search bar.  You’ll see that in the first ten searches, a few are terribly corny and overdone, a few have laughable lighting, and some are just downright bad.  If you picked one of the first images that came up with that search, you’d pick the wrong stock photo.  Dig just a few search results deeper and the results look a lot better.

3) You Think You’re Saving Money

For many stock photo users, budgets are tight.  Which is why a lot of people are lured into using “on demand” stock photo vendors that don’t have subscription options.  These sites seem like a good deal at first, until you browse their libraries more thoroughly and notice that lots of the photos offered in on-demand only sites aren’t very good quality.  What started as an idea to save a few bucks quickly means you are downloading and using the wrong stock photos.

Just check out www.canstockphoto.com.  At one dollar per download, it looks like a decent deal at first.  And there are some decent illustrations and images on the site no doubt.  But the facts are, larger subscription based sites will have a lot more images to choose from, and importantly a lot more images that are good quality.  The truth is, most of the best photos on some of the best on-demand sites are still not as good as the photos on subscription based, bigger sites.  If you don’t want to make the wrong choice by going with corny, overused stock photos, stay away from strictly on-demand services.

Overall, there is a lot that you have to keep in mind when choosing the right stock photos.  You want a picture that captures your company’s spirit, and meets your specific commercial needs.  But there’s a lot more to keep in mind when avoiding the wrong stock photo choices.   You need to be careful that the imagery you go with isn’t corny, badly lit, or otherwise low quality.  There is a lot of high quality, artistic, professional stock photography out there.  Just don’t make any of the mistakes above and choose the wrong stock photos.