Optimize Your Images with This WordPress Image Plugin

Images are an important part of getting your audience’s attention, breaking up long pieces of content, and getting your article to social media outlets. However, they also increase the size of your pages and may slow down loading time of your website. This can frustrate visitors, therefor hurting your search engine rankings. In this article, we’ll teach you how to optimize your images for your wordpress website. Click this link.

  • The most commonly used file formats online are JPEG and The former uses compression to reduce the size of the images, while the latter are most suited for icons and buttons. Another common format is the GIF, which is better suited for low quality images.
  • Optimize your images before uploading by adjusting the thumbnail sizes as you see fit. You can also display the large image and link to its full size in your website. Many bloggers do this as an optimal way to handle their images.
  • You can also optimize after uploading to your website, but we recommend you do otherwise. Uploading after, however, can save time. You can reduce the file size of all your uploaded images to fit your theme and style.

The importance of optimizing images should not be underestimated. Optimized images can reduce your website’s loading time, decrease bandwidth, and improve the browsing experience of your target audience. Your search engine ranking can also be greatly improved as your pages load more quickly. Compressing images can significantly reduce file size, but it can also reduce quality.

What you need is a wordpress image plugin that offers optimized images. PixelRockstar is the plugin you need! It has over 4 million high quality stock photos, which are optimized with SEO-friendly captions. All you have to do is search and photos you choose will be automatically inserted to your posts. Isn’t it neat? You can save loads of time to do other things you love.