Shutterstock Promotion: Steep Discount on Standard Licenses and Footage Videos

With the holidays already underway, it seems that everybody is running their own promotion. Shutterstock is in a unique position in that they can offer promotions to those who are running promotions. After all, even us marketers enjoy a good deal when it’s handed to us on a silver platter. Plus, we can spot a good deal when we see one.

Get Started with the New Year on the Right Foot

The New Year is just around the corner. Get started on the right foot by taking advantage of Shutterstock’s promotions now. Planning ahead has its perks. It keeps you from having to panic at the last minute. By taking advantage of these two amazing deals now, you won’t have to worry about shopping for stock media in the immediate future. It’ll be one more thing that you can check off your list.


Take Advantage of These Shutterstock Coupons

Right now, Shutterstock is offering two incredible coupon deals. These coupons give you discounted access to their entire library of both stock images and stock video footage.

18 Percent Discount on All Standard Licenses

Shutterstock offers royalty-free image licenses. Usually, individual licenses on photos are more expensive than subscriptions. If you were to take advantage of this 18 percent discount right now, you could get these images at a rate very similar to subscription rates – without the subscription.

15 Percent Discount on All Stock Footage Videos


The same principle applies to all stock footage videos. Stock video footage represents a significant saving over shooting your own reels. Shutterstock is offering a 15 percent discount on all stock videos. That translates to saving $15 for every $100 value on their entire library.

This Is a Limited-Time Offer

This offer will be down before you know it. The holidays are here and you’re busy. Don’t waste any more time. If you decide to delay, the offer will be gone – then you’ll be kicking yourself in the foot.

Let’s put it in a different perspective. Why do you offer discounts to your own customers? It’s a rhetorical question – the answer is obvious. The same principle applies to marketers. The discount offered by Shutterstock allows you to save money on a product that you and I both use in our jobs every day. In other words, we already have a budget